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Now in 2018, well over ten years since the big property boom here in Bansko, the property market has evolved, properties are still selling, and we have many buyers waiting for the right apartment. The buyers are now mostly Bulgarian with others buying from Russia, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, Spain and now we are pleased to see, the smart British buyers are returning.

Selling prices are lower than previous years, however many British people who invested a few years ago bought when the Euro was weaker, this means they don't need to return so many Euros due to the change in the rate of exchange.

Many sellers tell us that once they have decided to sell that they would rather take a bit of a loss than keep paying for maintenance, management, insurance etc. They often tell us that they would prefer to return their money to the UK to improve their family homes or in a few cases repays debts incurred during recession.

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By instructing Bower Properties you have come to the right company, we are now into our eighth trading year here in Bansko, and our clients tell us that we give the best buying and selling service. We have sold more resale apartments so far in 2012 than any other property company and we still have buyers waiting. We pride ourselves on searching carefully for the top resale apartments at the best prices that will suit our buyers and we are very selective about the properties we list. Please do keep in mind our emphasis is on selling apartments, this is what we do best!

When choosing Bower Properties to actively market and sell your apartment, it will be featured on our website which is on page one of Google when people search for Resales in Bansko. Your apartment will be photographed and videod to show it to it's best advantage. Also on a rotational basis in our high street window and on our leaflets that are distributed in widely in Bansko. It is important to note that listing with Bower Properties is FREE.

Please click here for our resale enquiry form, complete the form in full (without signing), send this back to us and we will email you with a rough valuation once you agree this in principal we can go ahead, visit, photograph, video and list your apartment. To enable us to view and sell your apartment we will need to hold keys here in our office. Please can you send us a key or ask your management company to provide one? We will always telephone your management company prior to viewings to ensure the apartment is empty.

Please note there has been a recent change in the law here in Bulgaria with regards to selling properties. All properties must be listed on the cadastral plan of Bansko. If you would like us to check and apply for your sketch please get in touch with us for details of this service.

For further information please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: +359 749 50035 or +44 200 0013466.